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2016 Job Offers--2016-3-16

Job offers of international trade salesman
1, Find and develop customers through the network platform. The main trading platform is Alibaba, and the exhibitions we attended was Canton Fair, etc.
2, Reply customers¡¯ inquiry in professional way and make them to be our partners.
3, Follow up the orders and fulfill the orders with customer and our warehouse, and receive payments in full.
4, Responsible for the reception and negotiations of customers (analysis customer demand, to discuss cooperation and development, and make professional quotations)
5, Developed customer with Google, Face book etc SNS tools to develop customer search
6, Complete the other business-related assignment.
Job requirements:
1, College education, English major or international trade priority
2, Professional in English speaking and writing, with good communication skill with foreigners
3, Responsive, expression ability, have certain business development skills, strong communication skills and etc
4, Responsible, patient, able to withstand greater pressure of work, like foreign trade
5, Good character, team spirit, love challenges
We are a well-known auto parts company, welcome to have the ability and passion to join us! For cooperation, you will get:
1, incentive pay system
2, bonus, holiday benefits
3, social insurance
4, various skills training
5, the annual collective tourism activities
6, promotion
7, a beautiful work environment
8, 5.5-day working a week
Emperor of the Ministry of Personnel
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